Friday, January 20, 2017

The Comfort Zone Plan

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It’s the best time to return to the “Comfort Zone”! Harned Durham Energy offers service plans for every system, including oil burners and furnaces, air conditioning, heat pumps, and even natural gas and propane units.

Now, we are introducing our “All-In-One” service plan, which can cover all of your heating, cooling, and water heating needs. Our Comfort Zone Plan can boost your equipments’ efficiency for better performance during the coldest and warmest days of the year.

The Comfort Zone Plan is $349 and includes:
24-Hour Emergency Service
No matter the season, we will be there for emergencies!
Annual Cleaning & Tune-Up
Up to 4 hours of maintenance that will keep your heating and cooling system running cleaner, and reduce unexpected service calls. The cleaning will increase the efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment.
Equipment Replacement Allowance
Up to $500 credit for the replacement of covered equipment
15 Off Parts & Labor
Discount applies to equipment covered under plan.
Priority Air Conditioning Service
7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM

For more information about or Service Plans please visit our website at To speak with our knowledgeable staff please call (610) 965-3424, or email us at

Friday, January 13, 2017

Replacing Your HVAC Filters

Regular maintenance can improve your systems efficiency and save you money on fuel. During a maintenance appointment, a filter replacement can be performed by a qualified technician. By replacing the filters of your heating and cooling system you can help improve the air quality and free your home from dust, allergens, and germs. If your system uses a washable filter, it is important that you clean it at least once a month.

Harned Durham Energy offers a variety of plans that will fit your budget and equipment. Each one of our service plans includes a cleaning and tune-up that will keep your system running efficiently. During a cleaning, we can replace the air filter of your equipment for an additional cost. This will ensure that the air quality in your home is acceptable.

Heating and cooling maintenance should be performed by a certified technician; however, we do recommend monitoring your filters for debris or dust. By keeping an eye on your equipment’s filter and providing the right maintenance, you can avoid expensive damage. We also recommend an annual maintenance during the fall for your heating system, and during spring for your air conditioning system.

For more information about HVAC maintenance visit our website at www.HarnedDurhamEnergy .com. To speak with our knowledgeable staff please call (610) 965-3424, or email us at

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We Offer Propane!

The use of propane, as a residential fuel, has grown throughout the years. Propane, also known as liquified petroleum, is a byproduct of natural gas and petroleum.  It can be used for furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, pool & spa heaters, ranges, and fireplaces. Because of propane’s cost efficiency and its environmental benefits, Harned Durham Energy has made it our goal to bring propane to your home.

The substitution of propane for other residential fuels can become beneficial for you and the environment. Its efficiency will allow you to save energy and money on fuel, and you will be able to enjoy a warm and cozy home during the cold days of winter. Propane can provide your energy needs without harming the environment. It is a clean fuel and produces less greenhouse gas emissions when compared to other fuels.

Thinking about converting to propane?
The most important step to converting your home to propane is to become informed. Learning about propane and the safety measures of owning a propane tank can help you decide whether it is the right fuel for your home or not.  Safety is always important, no matter what fuel you use. The installation and proper maintenance of a propane tank should be conducted by a certified technician. At Harned Durham Energy, safety is our first priority. Our propane technicians are certified to cover essentials, like transporting hazardous materials, performing propane tank installations, delivering propane, and performing safety checks.

For more information about Harned Durham Energy propane, please visit our website or call us at (610) 965-3424 to speak to our friendly staff. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Maintaining Your Heating Equipment

    As we get closer to the coldest days of the season you might be worried about the performance of your heating equipment, and saving those big bucks for the holiday season. To prolong the life of your equipment and avoid unexpected service calls, our HVAC specialists highly recommend an annual cleaning or tune-up.

    In this article we will focus on the importance of providing the right maintenance to your heating equipment before the coldest days of the year. Whether our customer is covered by one of our many service plans, or not, we make sure our technicians provide the best service with the greatest value.

   During a heater system maintenance appointment, our technician is able to test the equipments' efficiency and make sure it is working safely. By simply cleaning or replacing the filter of your heating system regularly, you can prevent many issues. Replacing a furnace or boiler can be extremely expensive. However, maintaining the equipment once a year can boost its efficiency saving you money on fuel. With the right maintenance plan you can have the peace of mind that your system won't let you down. Our well trained technicians will make sure your equipment can keep you in the Comfort Zone all year long.

     To schedule a service appointment with one of our technicians, contact Harned Durham Energy at 610-965-3424 or via email at

Monday, April 18, 2011

Disasters and Oil Prices

     Unfortunately, our world is continually faced with turmoil and natural disasters.  Beyond the confines of the heart ache that is felt by the victims, we read or see the anguish.  Our hearts go out to Victims of Katrina, the tsunami in Somalia, the brutality in Libya and, most recently, the tsunami in Japan.  Our great nation is always on call to lend aid and offer hope.  We donate time, money and prayers to those less fortunate than ourselves.  And most importantly are the men and women of our military and their families who continually give beyond belief.

     Beyond our hearts, these catastrophes affect our pocket book.   Libya is the 17th or 18th (depends who you listen to) largest producer of oil.  We import around 5% of our oil from Libya so one could surmise it would affect our cost of gas and oil.  The real culprit however is the oil speculation.  I encourage you to link to   for a broader understanding of this villainous cause of high energy pricing.  I encourage you to contact your representatives ( and offer your opinion. 

     According to the Department of Energy …. the facts are our demand for 2011 is the lowest it’s been in the last three years and is forecasted to remain below through 2017.  In addition, our oil supply is the highest it has been in the last three years and is forecasted to be even higher in 2012!  .  And yet …. the price continues to rise.  You don’t need a degree in economics to realize these high prices are not a supply and demand issue … they’re a regulatory issue.

A quick comment regarding Japan and nuclear energy: 

     Some of you may remember the reporting of the nuclear catastrophe related to Three Mile Island.  My sister from California begged my family to move away to escape the radiation fall out.  The fact is no deaths were reported and today, reports suggest there has been no increased cancer deaths associated with that incident.  Cherynoble produced 31 deaths and the World Health Organization suggests the long term effects may include up to 4,000 deaths.  The tsunami in Japan has taken an estimated 18,000 deaths.  It’s horrific but the media focuses on the nuclear issue moreso than the effect of the tsunami.  My point is, natural disasters and conflicts have taken more lives than nuclear accidents by far.  The effect of coal emissions take far more lives each year than nuclear accidents.  I only hope this latest accident won’t curtail a proven method of providing clean energy around the world.  Green technology, ethanol, solar or wind power are fun projects, but their technology is far off from replacing our dependency of carbon fuels.  Nuclear energy and conservation are the real short term solutions.

     I hope you find this tidbit of energy news informative.  We have many ways to save you energy that can both make you feel green and save you green.  Contact us at 610.432.3424 or for more information.

Stay cool this summer with our line of High Efficiency Air Conditioners!